Grants for curators

The Künstlerhaus Lukas awards one- to two-month curator scholarships for the development and realization of selected projects including the works of former scholarship holders in encounters with other artists.
The aim of these scholarships is to carry out outstanding cross-disciplinary concepts in the fields of fine arts, literature, composition and dance/performance at the premises of the Neues Kunsthaus in Ahrenshoop. The simultaneous meeting and joint work of curators and artists should strengthen the connection between art genesis and art presentation and convey contemporary art to the public.

The following application options for curatorial fellowships exist in the funding period of two years:

► two-month curator scholarship on the topic of environment and sustainability
    (ecologically and in terms of peaceful coexistence)
Every year, a project on the subject of sustainability can be developed and implemented in the connection between art and the environment. Project partners are the Neues Kunsthaus and the Verein des Nationalparks Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft.
Artists are requested to submit a concept that can be realized on the premises of the Neue Kunsthaus and incorporated the landscape, the location and/or its inhabitants. In the connection of art and the environment, the project proposal should also present first ideas for a possible accompanying program of at least four event (eg. specialist speakers (can be involved later), film presentations, hikes, campaigns or similar). Artists are furthermore asked to invite both locals and visitors to participate.
The project can approach the relationship between humans and nature in a wide variety of contexts, with the aim being to provide a public platform for the burning issues of our time with regards to this complex of topics in order to involve politicians, producers and consumers in the common reflection and responsibility.

• The two-month curatorial scholarships for the connection between art and the environment are endowed with 2000 €, consisting of a grant of 1000 € from the Künstlerhaus Lukas and a project fee of 1000 € from the Neues Kunsthaus.

• To realize the project focussed on this main theme, a budget of up to 4000 € is available for travel and accommodation costs, transport, event fees and designing the exhibition (depending on the confirmation of the annual budget). For the design of the exterior of the Neues Kunsthaus, an additional 400 € is available to cover transport expenses. Additional submissions to environmental foundations are encouraged after the nomination.

► one-month curator scholarship for interdisciplinary topics
Each year a project of a group exhibition (up to six participants) about this topic and a double exhibition (two individual items) are funded. In addition to the development of innovative forms of presentation for contemporary art, their concern is the professional communication to the public in a place with a great historical tradition. The sustainable development and presentation of the works of the scholarship holders of the Künstlerhaus Lukas in a continuing, international and interdisciplinary context will particularly in Ahrenshoop be of special significance, but will strengthen the perception of contemporary art as a whole. The proposal should included ideas for three to four accompanying events.

• The two-month curatorial fellowship are endowed with 2000 €, consisting of a grant of 1000 € from the Künstlerhaus Lukas and a project fee of 1000 € from the Neues Kunsthaus.

• For the realization of the projects, a budget of up to 3500 € is available for the group exhibition for up to six participants and a budget of 2000 € for the double exhibition. This includes travel and accommodation costs, transport, event fees and exhibition design (confirmation of the annual budget pending). Self-submitted applications can be supported after the nomination.

Concrete possibilities on site

• The guest curators live in the Künstlerhaus Lukas during the three- or one-month residency and are part of its scholarship program.

• The first half of the duration of the residency is available for the free development of the project, the second half is alloted to the realization (including additional work for press and public relations, accounting of the budget etc.) and presenting it to the public in the Neues Kunsthaus.

• In addition to designing, constructing and opening the exhibition, integrated events such as readings, performances, talks etc. are explicitly encouraged.

General requirements for curatorial scholarships

• Curators, artists and former scholarship holders of the Künstlerhaus Lukas can apply

• If artists themselves act as curators, they cannot participate in the project with their own works, as there is a strict separation of curatorial and artistic activities. The exception is the one-month scholarship for the redesigning of the exterior of the Neues Kunsthaus, during which artists and curators can be one and the same person.

• The curatorial projects should involve former scholarship holders and new artists positions to equal measures. Information about former scholarship holders can be found under "Archive" on the website of the Künstlerhaus Lukas. The choice is up to the guest curators. An advantage is the clarification of possible participation before the application, which, however, does not have to be immediately submitted when applying.

• The scholarships are selected by the independent jury of the Künstlerhaus Lukas.

• The general funding guidelines of the Künstlerhaus Lukas with residential obligation apply for the advertised months (May/June or July/August/September, September or November/December), including the monthly participation in the internal discussion rounds at the beginning as well as the open days at the end of the stays.

• The guest curators should be willing and able to prepare, build and open the exhibitions during the project period in coordination with the artistic and commercial management. Additionally, they are supposed to arrange at least two events per month (guided tours, talks led by external speakers, film screenings, etc.) and to be on site at least three times a week (Sat, Sun, Wed) in order to show visitors aorund the exhibition for about about two hours. In addition to the realisation of the project, the aim is to provide the public with intensive, professional and imaginative information on contemporary art.

• Each exhibition runs up to three months, the design of the exterior will remain for one year. For the projects, the contract will be signed by all parties involved.

• The general operating costs and opening hours are covered and arranged by the Neues Kunsthaus.

To be submitted are a concept proposal for a project that can be curated and implemented within the framework named above. A description of the topic is to be included and the collaborating artists are to be named. We ask you to indicate who has already been a scholarship holder at the Künstlerhaus Lukas.

Further information about the requirements for applying for a scholarship can be found here:
►General funding guidelines