General funding guidelines


Application requirements
The Künstlerhaus Lukas scholarship program is open to all artists who work professionally and are primarily based in Germany, one of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russian Federation, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark) or Norway, the United Kingdom or Iceland. There are no restrictions in terms of the nationality or age of applicants.
Guests who are not from an EU country are required to provide evidence that they have appropriate health insurance. A good command of German or English is desired. Applicants must have completed relevant training.

Scholarships for stays at the Künstlerhaus Lukas and our exchange partners are artist-in-residence programs, meaning recipients are expected to stay at the respective institution. Residence is compulsory for scholarship recipients.

Past scholarship recipients are not permitted to apply again until at least five years have passed since their residency. This restriction does not apply to workshop or curator grants.

What the funding covers
The scholarships are endowed with 1000 euros per month plus free accommodation and the opportunity to work (with the current exception of Kaliningrad, where recipients are required to fund their own accommodation until completion of the guest studios). The workshop grants are endowed with 500 euros plus free accommodation for up to five people, plus a performance fee of up to 600 euros. Funding for graduates on the program “Young Art from Northern Europe” amounts to 500 euros plus free use of working and living areas and catalogue and exhibition funding. We are unable to cover additional travel, material or transport costs. The exact grant amounts are confirmed annually depending on the available budget.

Scholarship types
Each year, the following types of scholarship are awarded for artists in the fields of the visuals arts (painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, photography, artists’ books, video, craft/design), literature (prose, poetry, drama, screenplay, essay, literary translation), dance (choreography, performance), music (composition) and for curators:

• one-month residency grant at the Künstlerhaus Lukas
• one-month exchange scholarship
• two-month environmental exchange scholarship
• two-month grant for curators in cooperation with the Neues Kunsthaus
• two-week interdisciplinary workshop grant for up to four artists
• one-month honorary scholarship (the jury has the right of proposal)

Applying for a scholarship
Applications are submitted digitally or by post. To process applications and, if desired, return them, we charge a fee of 10 euros for digital applications and 13 euros for postal applications. Applications are not forwarded to the jury until after the processing fee has been received.

The following documents must be submitted for all scholarship types:

Description of planned work as PDF (max. 500 KB) or, if applicable, printed, no more than one
  A4 page; for curator and workshop grants no more than three A4 pages; for the environmental
  exchange scholarship no more than five A4 pages
Work samples



- PORTFOLIO with max. 20 pages (PDF, max. 50 MB)
- for the branch literature min. 5, max. 20 manuscript pages
  DIN A4 as a PDF (max. 500 KB per file)
  For non-German applications, a short synopsis and a work sample of 2
  to 3 pages is requested in German or in English.
- for the fields dance/performance, video and composition:
  also a portfolio as well as 5 recordings, videos or sound samples, respectively
  possible formats for the digital application:
  video (MOV, AVI, MP3, MP4, OGG, WEBM & WMV)
max. 30 MB per file,
  audio (MP3, WAV, OGG, WEBM & WMA), scores (JPG, PDF)
  max. 10 MB per file

Curriculum vitae including artistic background and information about previously awarded funding,
  as a PDF (max. 500 KB) or printed, no more than two A4 pages

Please apply via digital application form.

We also accept postal applications.
Please use the following application form for this.
Please do not submit any originals. We accept no liability.

Submission – Deadline
The deadline for the submission of applications is 31st July 2021 (midnight or postmark).

We do not accept applications submitted by email. Only applications that meet the above requirements – including transfer of the processing fee – will be considered. All information will be kept confidential and used for funding purposes only.

Selection process
The scholarships are publicly put out for tenders in Germany and Northern Europe. An independent expert jury, whose members are appointed every two years by the advisory board of the “Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop” association, decides on which applicants will be awarded scholarships. The names of the jury members are announced following each selection process. The jury does not justify its decisions either publicly or individually for applicants. Applicants are not legally entitled to receive a scholarship.

Successful applicants are free to use the living and working spaces at no charge. Guests of the artists at Künstlerhaus Lukas are required to pay a flat rate of 15 euros per night. Guests are kindly asked to register in advance. Pets are not allowed. Residencies at our partner institutions are also subject to their individual guidelines.