Living at the Künstlerhaus Lukas
Six apartments are available free of charge for scholarship recipients. Four of the apartments consist of a living room (approx. 12 m˛) and separate studio (approx. 22 m˛). Two apartments consist of a combined living and working area (approx. 23 m˛). Rooms are assigned by house management.

The apartments are fully furnished. They usually have their own bathroom, telephone connection and radio/cassette/CD player. Bed linen and towels will be provided for the duration of your stay. The basement has a room with refrigerators as well as a utility room with a washing machine, cleaning supplies and equipment.

Pets are not allowed!

The house’s social meeting points are a lounge and recreation room, two shared kitchens and two terraces. The lounge and recreation room/exhibition space contains a piano with Silent-System, TV with DVD player and small library. Guests may also use the local village library.

Above all, scholarships are intended to help recipients concentrate on their work. You shouldn’t bring your partner or family with you. In exceptional cases, single artists with children may be able to make special arrangements with local daycare centers. Due to the high occupancy rate at the Künstlerhaus Lukas, visitors of scholarship recipients may only spend the night if this is arranged in advance. Visitors are asked to pay 15 euros per person per night.

Working at the Künstlerhaus Lukas
Large tables are available for artists to work at. Wall surfaces and other worktops can serve as additional working surfaces. Residents may be required to cover floors if necessary. Walls and floors must be left as they were found. Work materials, including technical equipment, need to be brought along or sent in advance.

The basement of the Künstlerhaus Lukas contains a small room which can be used as a photo laboratory. Bowls for chemicals and water are available. Guests are required to bring any chemicals they may need.

The basement is also home to a small printing workshop, which is equipped with an etching press for formats up to A3 as well as a proof press for letterpress printing up to A2 format; residents are free to make use of this. Copperplate paper and passe-partout cardboard are available on site at purchase price. We also have etching needles, an inking roller and iron-III-chloride for etching.

If required and upon arrangement, electronic equipment including a typewriter, laptop, two projectors and a music system can be provided for artistic work.

Living and working at our partner institutions in Northern Europe
Please refer to the description of the exchange scholarships for information about living and working arrangements and workshops.