National Centre for Contemporary Arts Kaliningrad

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Trofim Popov

Dm. Donskogo 7/11, office 605
236000 Kaliningrad
Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (40 12) 59 51 05



The Centre of Contemporary Arts Kaliningrad was founded in December 1997 and is considered to be the organisational branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts. It is one of the most important museums, exhibition sites and research institutions in Kaliningrad which work in the field of contemporary arts. The centre has numerous contacts with museums, municipal non-profit organizations and institutions and establishes professional international contacts.
In 2003, a monument of German defensive architecture from the 19 century, the Kronprinz tower, was handed over to the NCCA. After reconstruction, the tower is going to be home of the centre and will be expanded into a national complex with museums, exhibitions and rooms where information about scientific research will be available. Thus, it is planned to transform the tower into a recreational facility in Kaliningrad.

Present work of the Centre of Contemporary Arts Kaliningrad comprises the following activities:
• cultural-scientific mapping of projects where science,
  society and art overlap
• initiation of multimedia projects using modern technologies
  in the fields of experimental acoustic and video
• presentation of experimental fields of arts based on
  technological achievements of the postbiological society
  (robots, genetic engineering, bioengineering)
• dealing with the topic „identification“ through updating
  and reinterpretating the cultural and historic legacy of
• publication e.g. editor of the journal pH and of international
  anthologies: Viewpoint. Visual Poetry: the 90ies. Homo
  Sonorus. Anthology of World Sound Poetry. Biomediale:
  Contemporary Society and Genomic Culture.

Several programmes have been installed in order to realise these activities, among them the programme „+Amber“ („+Jantarnyj“). This artist-in-residence programme aims at supporting artistic exchange and cooperation. Artists are given the opportunity to discover historical, cultural and social contexts of their artistic work. Projects resulting from residences are presented within the centre’s artistic programme.

Opportunities for Collaboration

The cooperation between Künstlerhaus Lukas and the Centre of Contemporary Arts Kaliningrad results in regular exchanges of artists. Every year, 2-3 artists from Kaliningrad stay in Ahrenshoop and German artists are given the chance for one-month-stays in Kaliningrad.

Because of a long mutual history, Kaliningrad is especially interesting for German artists. On the other hand, Russian artists enjoy having contacts to Western Europe which, in general, are still difficult to realise. For this reason, Künstlerhaus Lukas fully supports this exchange programme.

Scholarship holders so far in Kaliningrad:
Fine Arts: Inke Gundlach, Peter Riedlinger,
Norbert Wiesneth (2006), Elmar Bambach, Julia
Marquardt (2007),
Andy Scholz (2008), Romana Schmalisch (2009),
Steffi Stangl and Doreen Uhlig (2010), Ingar Krauss
(2011), Bernhard Schrock, Laura Bielau (2012), Lia
Darjes (2014), Sven Johne and Falk Haberkorn (2015),
Claire Laude and Dana Jeschke (2016), Anja Tchepets
(2017), Chiara Dazi (2018)
Literature: Torsten Buchsteiner (2007), Steffi Hensel
(2008), Dieter Gräf (2009), Klaus Ferentschik (2011),
Ruth Wyneken (2013), Katrin Subotha-Heidelk (2018),
Klaus Ferentschik (2019)
Dance: Sabine Zahn (2017)
Scholarship holders from Kaliningrad at Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Fine Arts: Alexej Maslow, Igor Isajew (2006), Juri
Pawlow, Jewgenij Palamarchuk, Jurij Wasilijew (2007),
Armen Gasparyan (2008), Danil Akimov and Zinaida
Shershun (2009), Oleg Bljablas (2010), Julia Abramova
and Alexander Ljubin (2011), Katarina Chrevko and
Konstantin Traschenkov (2014), Valentina Pavlyuk and
Artem Zaytsev (2015), Daria Gluschkova (2016), Alexey
Tschebykin and Eugenii Umanskii (2017), Alexandra
Artamonova and Evgeniia Lapteva (2018), Dimitri Zabelin
Literature: Oleg Gluschkin (2008), Dmitry Bulatov (2010)
Composition: Evgenii Brodsky (2016)


The Kaliningrad branch of NCCA is equipped with a professional studio for montage and the production of video, photographic, internet and acoustic projects. On-site accommodation cannot be provided at the moment because completion of the residential rooms is still in progress. Apartments are rented in town. For this reason, until on-site accommodation is available, this scholarship may be especially attractive for authors, fotographers, composers and other artists with small-sized projects.