NES - Artist Residency Skagaströnd





Contact Person:
Kerryn McMurdo
Vicki O´Shea

Nes Artist Residency
Fjörubraut 8
545 Skagaströnd



NES – Artist Residency had been found in March 2008 at Skagaströnd in the northwest of Iceland. The main goal is to provide a special work place for artists from different disciplines from Iceland and other countries. Between ten and fifteen people can stay in apartments of the municipality and use a workstation in the common working centre at the same time.

600 people live in Skagaströnd. The town had been characterized by fishing for a long time. Horse breeding and sheep farming are shaping the region up to now. With the change in the fishing business Skagaströnd lost an important branch of industry. The abandoned warehouses offer now many opportunities to realise new ideas and concepts. Contacts and meetings between artists and residents are welcomed. Different artists and art forms are given the opportunity to converge in an international context at the NES – Artist Residency.

The newly established artist in residence-program is supported by the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SIM), the municipality of Skagaströnd and the County Administration of Byggđastofnun. In the near future NES is going to provide accommodations and facilities for working and exhibiting to 25 artists at the same time. An advisory committee supports the work and decides about the upcoming scholarship holders.

  Opportunities for Collaboration  

Visual artists, writers, composers and performers from all over the world can apply to one of the work places, which are to be financed proportionately by the artists. The cooperation with Künstlerhaus Lukas offers four exchange scholarships per annum. The Selection Committee of Künstlerhaus Lukas chooses two artists every year and provides them scholarships for a stay in Skagaströnd. On the other hand NES awards two scholarships to artists from Iceland for a stay at Künstlerhaus Lukas and offers a scholarship-contribuition and travel cost-support.

Furthermore NES offers the opportunity for studio exhibitions. As more and more warehouses at the harbour become vacant, more places for experimental works can be provided over the next years.

Scholarship holders in Skagaströnd: Reinhard Buch and Hiroko Tanahashi (2009), Justine Otto and Stefanie Hotz (2010), Knut Sennekamp and Miro Zahra (2011), Katharina Kamph and Holger Stark (2012), Anne Hille and Julia Oschatz (2013), Makiko Nishikaze (2014), Joanna Maxellon and Bernd Kerkin (2015), Barbara Wetzel and Anne Munka (2016), Judith Zander and Tom R. M. (2017), Maria Malmberg and Susanne Gabler (2018)
Scholarship holders from Island at the Künstlerhaus Lukas: Katrín Elvarsdóttir and Marta María Jónsdóttir (2009), Ragnhildur Stefansdottir und Kristin Reynisdottir and Gudrun Gunnarsdottir (2010), Olöf Nordahl and Thuridur Jonsdottir (2011), Kristveig Halldorsdottir, Hrafnhildur Sigurdardňttir und Sofia Saemundsdottir (2012), Ingebjörg Gunnlangsdottir and Steinnun Ketilsdóttir (2013), Ragnheidur Harpa and Andreas Toriseva (2014), Gerdur Gudmundsdottir and Renata de Bonis (2015), Ellen Mueller and Jónborg Sigurdardóttír (2017), Alexandra Litaker and Ýr Johannsdottír (2018)


The studios are located on a former fishery. Guest apartments are provided in the town. Currently, NES can host up to 15 artists at the same time. An extension for accommodation for up to 25 people is in consideration. There are available single apartments as well as family apartments.

In the town of Skagaströnd there is a shopping place with a post office and a pharmacy, a restaurant and a swimming pool. The apartments are fully furnished with kitchen, bath room and wash- ing machine. In the spacious common studio there are plenty of workspaces, shelves, lamps and a kitchenette.