Mooste Külalis Stuudio Eesti - MoKS






Evelyn Grzinich

MTÜ Mooste Külalis Stuudio
64616 Mooste
Põlva Maakond

Tel.: +372 5 138 599 
       +372 5138 457



The interdisciplinary working center Mooste Külalis Stuudio Eesti - MoKS is located at Mooste, in the South of Estonia. MoKS is 40 km away from Tartu and 20 km away from the Russian border. It is founded in 2001 and it is located in an old manor house. MoKS focuses on local and international cooperation of different types of art working as well as ecological research in rural areas of the post-soviet Estonia. Today, five programs with residencies, exhibitions, symposia and workshops are realized. The workshops focus on the exploration and on the support of the collaborative and multi-disciplinary fields of art working between science and traditional handicraft.
MoKS is a unique project of its kind in Estonia – mainly due to its great rooms and its open atmosphere. It is governmental supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and also encouraged by European programs like “Leader Eesti”, “Kultuur” or “grundvig program”. Several exhibition projects are shown annually. The programs are rounded of by cooperation with regional schools or partner institutions in Tallin or Budapest.

  Opportunities for Collaboration

Künstlerhaus Lukas started the cooperation with MoKS in 2016. Even since its anniversary year in 2014 Künstlerhaus Lukas focuses on the artistic contact to Estonia. With the multifarious program at MoKS they have found a great partner and a good exchange. At MoKS artists can have a good and productive time. Interdisciplinary work or interactive projects are expressly desired.

p holder in Mooste:
Nora Arrieta (2016), Marion Skepenat (2017), Pham Minh Duc (2018)
Scholarship holder from Mooste in Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Evelyn Grzinich (2016),
Saskia Järve (2017), Henry Hütt (2018)


The four studios are located in newly refurbished rooms in the old manor house. The rooms can be utilized 1-2 months. There are a sauna, a bath room, a washing machine, a bibliotheca and internet access for the residents. A kitchen and a film room are for common use. The bus station in Mooste is accessible on foot within 15 minutes. In general, Riga or Tallin are good approachable by plane. There you can find trains or busses which drive to Mooste.