KKV Graphicworkshop & KKV Sculptureworkshop Monumental Malmö

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The Graphic Workshop and Sculpture Workshop Monumental of the Swedish Artist Collective Workshop (Konstnärernas Kollektiva Verkstad) offer room for professional experimentation. The Graphic Workshop offers good opportunities for the tech- niques intaglio, flatscreen and relief printing (etching, aquatint, mezzotint, screen printing, woodcut, linocut, lithography, offset printing, photography exposure and letterpress printing). Being a workplace of professional artists, you find everything there to combine artistic graphic techniques with different materials and tools which surround us in our daily lives. The integration of materials like glass, concrete or iron as well as digital techniques might lead to developing absolutely new products, artistic work or new media. This can be realized thanks to the Sculpture Work- shop Monumental which is situated in the same building.
The Graphic Workshop Malmö was founded in 1973 and is self-governed by its 125 members all of whom are artists. The municipality of Malmö supports the workshop financially.
The Sculpture Workshop Monumental was established in 1973 as a foundation. Today, about 300 artists and friends are its members.
At the Sculpture Workshop Monumental, you find extensive workshops for woodworking, pottery, enamel, glass art, metal casting and metalworking as well as modelmaking. Big and small works of art on the highest level can be produced thanks to the workshop’s equipment consisting of machines, kilns and extensive workspace. In order to realize projects, extra rooms can be rented. Next to the workshops, there are the exhibition rooms of the art association of the Swedish region Skåne and a private gallery called „Abandoned“.

Contact Person:
Antje Nilsson
Marta Banal Fernandez

KKV Grafikverkstad Malmö
Västmanlandsgatan 3
SE - 21430 Malmö/Schweden

KKV Monumental Malmö
Bragegatan 15
SE – 21430 Malmö/Schweden

E-Mail: kkvgrafik@telia.com


  Opportunities for Collaboration

The cooperation between Künstlerhaus Lukas and the workshops KKV Graphic Workshop and Sculpture Workshop Monumental results in 2 scholarships every year – one of them is not age-re-stricted. The other scholarship involves an exchange programme for young artists from Germany and Sweden and includes a special collaboration with the Art Museum Ystad. Besides stay- ing at the workshops, the artist is offered a chance to exhibit her or his work at Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop in March of the respective year and afterwards at the Art Museum Ystad and at Klaipeda Cultural Communication Center. The exhibitions are accompanied by the printing of three catalogues in a common slip case.
Scholarship holders so far in Southern Sweden: Anja Krüger (2006), Christin Wilcken (2007), Johanna Creutzburg (2008), Andrea Hildebrandt and Susanne Tonn (2009), Norman Gensel, Ruzica Zajec (2010), Susanne Möhring, Franziska Podszuck (2011), Sebastian Menzke, Christian Henkel (2012), Karen Koltermann (2013), Franziska Holstein and Thomas Judisch (2015), Hannah Regenberg, Lotte Buch and Marie Jeschke (2016), Katrin Stangl (2017), Sarah Bartmann and Katrin Herrmann (2018)
Scholarship holders at Künstlerhaus Lukas from Simrishamn (up to 2009) /from Malmö/Ystad (from 2010): Madelene Oldemann (2006), Kristin Elisabeth Steinbock (2007), Helene Edgren (2008), Aleksandra Kucharska (2009), Karolina Erlingsson, Emma Gunnarsson (2010), Ellisif Hals, Carola Persson (2011),Linnea Carlsson, Sofi Hagman (2012), Sarah Wallgren, Jeannette Lindstedt and Joanna Thede (2013), Zardasht Faraj (2014), Carl Johan Wirsell and Robert Moreau (2015), Magdolna Szabó (2016), Anne Marte Overaa (2017), Maria Björklund (2017), Hanni Kamaly and Marie Andersson (2018)


The Graphic Workshop Malmö KKV offers professional equip- ment for all classic and other experimental printing techniques on a total area of  280 qm. The Sculpture Workshop Monumental offers professional equipment for realizing sculptures and installations on a total area of about 1000 qm.
Rooms for scholarship holders are available free of charge at Künstlerhaus Lukas or at KKV Monumental next to the Graphic Workshop. There is also a communal kitchen for self-catering.