Fyns Grafiske Værksted




Contact Person:
Lene Leveau

Fyns Grafiske
Værksted Odense  

Hans Jensens Stræde 18-20
5000 Odense C

Tel.: +45 (0) 66 13 - 99 73





Fyns Grafiske Værksted is an international centre of graphic art, situated in the town Odense on the Isle of Funen in southern Denmark. Odense is famous for Hans Christian Anderson and a modern museum of contemporary arts. The printing workshop opened in a small building in 1976 but had enough space to include a graphic printing workshop. In 1997, the workshop was enlarged with the assistance of the architect Carl Ole Kristensen. Today, it is not only a workshop but also offers its members room for exhibitions and sale of their works of art. The members of Graphic Workshop Fynen come from all over the world.
The open and respectful atmosphere at Fyns Grafiske Værksted offers artistic freedom to use traditional as well as experimental printing techniques.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Following a cooperation with Grafikenshus Mariefred in Sweden, the cooperation between Fyns Grafiske Værsted and Künstlerhaus Lukas started in autum 2012. Since that time, both institutions have offered exchange scholarships. A member of  Fyns Grafiske Værsted is invited to come and work at Ahrenshoop for one month, and an artist selected by the selection committee of  Künstlerhaus Lukas will have the chance to work and stay at the workshop in Odense for one month. Danish artists may apply at Künstlerhaus Lukas or at Fyns Grafiske Værsted.

Former scholarship holders in Mariefred:
Elena Kozlova (2006), Christian Nille (2007), Anja Geiling (2008), Eiko Borcherding (2009), Irene Bisang (2010)
Scholarship holders in Odense:
Wanja Tolko (2012), Sabine Golde (2017), Frank Sievers (2018)
Scholarship holders from Grafikenshus Mariefred at Künstlerhaus Lukas: Joanna Ekström (2006), Yvonne Larsson (2007), Vera Ohlsson (2008)
Scholarship holders from Fyns Grafiske Værsted:
Johanna Pihlajamaa (2012), Sarah Bodil Hansen (2013),
Anne Lildholdt Jensen (2017), Margit Elmelund (2018)


The workshop is equipped for etching, lithgraphy and woodcut. Tours, art workshops and exhibitions are organised. The shop of Fyns Grafiske Værksted displays and sells original works of art by the workshop’s members. Accommodation at Fyns Grafiske Værksted is being built. The workshop can be used free of charge. Artists can arrange to purchase materials such as specific paper, printing colours and cleaning substances. There exist strong ties between Fyns Grafiske Værsted and GÆSTEATELIER HOLLUFGÅRD, a centre for art and sculpture five kilometres south of Odense. - www.gah.dk.