Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators






Contact Person:
Lena O. Pasternak

Uddens gränd 3
SE-621 56 Visby Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 498 / 21 83 85
           +46 (0) 498 / 21 87 64
Fax:    +46 (0) 498 / 21 87 98



The Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators is an international centre for writers and translators from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and, if possible, also from other countries. The BCWT was inaugurated in 1993 as a result of the Writers’ cruise "Baltic Waves" in 1992. It is centrally situated within the walls of the medieval town of Visby on Gotland . This island is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea and has since a long time strong ties with Russia and the Baltic nations.


The BCWT is financed by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and the Gotland Municipality . Since 1996 the Centre is under the auspices of UNESCO; it is also a part of the international network of the “European Translators Centres”. The “Baltic Writers Council” is since 1994 the supporting organization for the BCWT.

  Opportunities for Collaboration  

In Visby German writers and translators have the opportunity to work undisturbed on own projects or to cooperate also with the international artists from the BCWT. Lectures and discussions are organized in the own house or in collaboration with the other cultural institutions in Visby and Gotland . The poetry festival takes place annually.

Sholarship holders in Visby:
Volker Altwasser (2006), Greorg Sander (2007), Antje Wagner (2008), Ulrike Syha (2009), Carmen Blazejewski (2010), Manuela Lachmann (2011), Björn Kern (2012), Jan Böttcher (2013), Odile Kennel (2014), Thomas Böhme (2015), Saskia Herklotz (2016), Hans-Christian Oeser (2017), Thomas Lang (2018)
Sholarship holders at the Künstlerhaus Lukas:
Peter Törnquist (2006), Marie Lundquist (2007), Mats Kolmisoppi (2008), Maria Zennström (2009), Arne Johnsson (2010), Helga Krook (2011), Ulrika S. Gernes (2014) Sissel Bergfjord (2015), Charlotte Inuk (2016), Kerstin Norborg (2018)


The BCWT consists of two opposed buildings, overlooking the medieval town, the cathedral and the sea. In the apartment house eleven high-standard studios/bedrooms are available, whereas the opposed building across the street houses common rooms such as: kitchen, library, drawing-room, TV-room, Finnish sauna etc.


The BCWT office is open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The kitchen is very well equipped and intended for self-catering. Moreover, it is the meeting place, where people can get to know the other inhabitants informally. Besides, excursions on Gotland are arranged. Supermarkets, shops and restaurants are close-by.

In cooperation with the University of Gotland it was founded the Almedalen Library in Visby . The Centre’s own library contains basically dictionaries and other reference books in the languages of the Baltic Sea regions, but also poetry and high-quality novels. The library forms a part of GEB, the Electronic Library of Gotland, and book titles can be searched via the data-base LIBRIS: or via the homepage of the centre.


There are computers with various word-processing programs, Internet access, e-mail, CD-ROM etc. as well as printers for the use of guests. An electric typewriter, photocopier and fax are also available. In the office building stereo equipment, a piano and a TV room with a VCR stand by.