New Art has Friends

Wednesday Tea
Annual Fee

New Art Has Friends
is a circle of friends interested in contemporary arts. It supports the work of the association "Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop e.V.” in the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Artists’ House Luke) and the Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop (New Arts House). The promotion of contemporary arts unites friends of the arts as well as artists at a historic place. Within the scope of the annual programmes of both houses, members of New Art Has Friends enjoy the following offers and advantages:

• They receive information on current events (exhibition openings, readings, concerts, 
    discussions with artists, …) and on current cultural activities in the surroundings.

• Every first Wednesday per month you are invited to the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Artists’ House 
    Luke) to take part in our Tea on Wednesday when curators, journalists and members of New 
    Art Has Friends
get into conversation with artists.

• You are invited to take part in our annual social gathering Jahresfest when New Art Has   
 awards two art prizes per year.

• You have the opportunity to acquire certain works of art called annual fee which have been 
    published in limited editions. In their first year of publication, these works of art are reserved for 
    members of New Art Has Friends and can be purchased for special prices.

• You can stay at the guest apartment of the Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop (New Arts House) 
    for reduced prices. This apartment is situated directly above the show rooms and has been 
    designed by artists.

Do you want to become member of New Art Has Friends?

This is possible throughout the year. You decide for yourself on your annual membership fees between the following opportunities:

  • junior membership (up to 25 years) and artists                                                                 25 €
  • membership for Künstlerhaus Lukas andNeues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop                             70 €
  • promoter of a selected project                                                                                       500 €
  • sponsor – promotes 1 work scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Artists’ House Luke) 1000 €
  • sponsor – promotes 1 project scholarship in cooperation with partners                            2000 €
  • donor of art award in context of a specific exhibition (up to)                                            3000 €

Any donations for scholarships apart from those named above are always welcome. For all forms of sponsoring you will get a receipt for a donation at the end of the respecting month. Please click here for the application for membership.