Call for Donations for Artists’ House in Western Ukraine


Call for Donations for Artists’ House in Western Ukraine
Support for displaced artists

24.2.2022 – none of us will easily forget this day. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the
unimaginable has become a bitter reality: war in the centre of Europe! Russia’s war against
Ukraine, which is against international law, spreads immeasurable suffering. It kills people.
Millions are on the run.

The war against Ukraine is also directed against a common European culture. It destroys
cultural cooperations with institutions and actors in Ukraine and in Russia, and it destroys
evidence of our common cultural heritage.

The members of the Network of Artists’ Houses in Northern Germany (Netzwerk der
Künstlerhäuser in Norddeutschland, NKN) are watching the war events in Ukraine with great
concern. We declare our solidarity with the people who stand up for freedom and peace in Ukraine. Many of our houses have started their own aid measures – from taking in artists
who have fled Ukraine to organizing benefit events.

But right now it is also important to support the people who have remained in Ukraine and who
are staying despite the life-threatening situation. As cultural institutions, we want to support
cultural actors in Ukraine. To this end, we cooperate with the artists’ house The Assortment
Room/ Asortymentna kimnata, which serves as a retreat and safe space for displaced artists
and cultural workers in Ivano Frankivsk, in western Ukraine. Another key concern of this initiative
is the shelter and preservation of artworks from the embattled major cities.

Please help us support this important initiative in Ukraine with donations!

►More information about the initiative in Ukraine can be found here.