Advisory Board and Selecting Committee

A competent advisory board supports the work of the association Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop e.V. and advises on the topics chosen including the financial situation as well as the management of the house including the acquisition of sponsors. The advisory board annually appoints a selecting committee and guarantees its independence. The selecting committee as a rule consists of five jurors whose names will be publicized annually after the deadline of the application procedure.

The members of the advisory board are suggested by the members of the association and appointed by the managing committee for five years each. The advisory board consists of at least 5 and at most 20 members representing contemporary styles and movements and expert cultural institutions. The advisory board works on a voluntary basis without expense allowance. Half of its members should be artists in order to involve and understand current problems of artists.

The advisory board was established on July 30, 2005 and met on April 1, 2006 to appoint the jury for the awarding of the scholarships for 2007.  The following members work on the advisory board:

Chairperson of the Advisory Board
Reiner Lorenz
– Musician, Conductor, Ministerialdirigent a.D. (retired)

Literature / Literary Criticism
Dr. Wolfgang Gabler – Literary Critic  - Literaturhaus (Literature House) Kuhtor Rostock

Museum for Contemporary Art  
Dr. Merete Cobarg – Art Theorist - Kunstsammlung (Art Collection) Neubrandenburg    

Painting / Graphic Design
Nils Dicaz - Painter, Graphic Designer, Lecturer  - Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institute at the University of Greifswald

Dance / Performance

Wibke Janssen - Dancer  - DOCK 11 – dance studios

Joachim Richau
– Photographer / Curator        

Book Art
Uta Schneider
- Book Artist / Graphic Designer and Secretary of the foundation Stiftung Buchkunst

Composition / Music

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Möller - Musicologist  - College for Music and Theater, Rostock

Contemporary Gallery
Wolfgang Zeigerer – Director - Stadtgalerie Kiel (City Gallery Kiel)

Museum History of Art and Collection of Book Art
Dr. Johannes Pommeranz - Bibliotheksrat (Senior Librarian Officer) - Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg (Germanic National Museum Nürnberg)

Dr. Bernhard Hoppe -  Department of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Mecklenburg/Western Pomerania

Martin Stefke - Writer / Culture Journalist     

Literary Translation
Klaus-Jürgen Liedtke
– Writer / Translator