Grants for curators

During each funding period, the Künstlerhaus Lukas awards six two-month scholarships, and one month-long scholarship, to assist curators in the development and implementation of selected projects which juxtapose works by our scholarship holders with those of other artists. These grants aim to secure the realization of outstanding curatorial concepts in the fields of the visual arts, literature, composition and dance/performance on the premises of the Neues Kunsthaus in Ahrenshoop. Giving curators and artists the opportunity to both work and live together is also intended to strengthen the links between the creation and presentation of art.

In addition to developing innovative forms for presenting contemporary art, the focus is on competently sharing that art with audiences at a location that boasts a great historical tradition. In the artists’ town of Ahrenshoop, one special aspect that contributes to the local arts scene is further developing and presenting works by the Künstlerhaus Lukas’ own scholarship recipients in the long term – in a wider, interdisciplinary context.

Specific possibilities

• Curators, artists and past Künstlerhaus Lukas scholarship recipients can apply to realize projects from the fields of the visual arts, literature, composition, and dance/performance, especially those of an interdisciplinary nature.

• Our two-month grants for curators are endowed with 2000 euros, consisting of a grant of 1000 euros from the Künstlerhaus Lukas and a project fee of 1000 euros from the Neues Kunsthaus.

• During their two-month project residency, guest curators live at the Künstlerhaus Lukas and are part of its scholarship program.

• Recipients have one month to develop their project independently, followed by another month for its implementation and presentation to audiences at the Neues Kunsthaus.

• During the funding period, we offer funding for two curatorial concepts involving at least two artists, four concepts for themed exhibitions involving up to ten artists, and one concept for designing the outdoor area of the Neues Kunsthaus, all of which are selected by the independent expert jury of the Künstlerhaus Lukas.

• In addition to designing, assembling and opening their exhibition, curators are expected to incorporate events such as readings, performances, talks etc., which they are welcome to do as part of events such as Ahrenshoop’s Lange Nacht der Kunst or its literature and film festivals, etc.

• Exhibitions run for three months, while exterior designs remain for two years.

• As a budget for implementing the project idea, in addition to the scholarship and project fee detailed above, up to 2000 euros is available additionally for double exhibitions, up to 4000 euros for group exhibitions, and up to 500 euros for the exterior design project. This must be used to pay for printing an invitation/reference card (double-folded A5) for the participating artists and curators themselves and a poster (does not apply to the exterior design project), the fees for events, transport and travel costs and accommodation for the participating artists (invoices required). Each participant will receive up to 100 copies of the reference cards for their own use

• Apart from any hours worked by curators, the Neues Kunsthaus is responsible for general operating costs and opening hours.


• The general funding guidelines of the Künstlerhaus Lukas apply, including compulsory residence for two months (May/June or July/September or November/December, exterior area: two weeks in December/two weeks in August) and participation in respective open days.

• During the second project month, guest curators must be willing to be present at the Neues Kunsthaus for at least three days each week (with assembly: 15 days in total), upon request, to help with assembling the exhibition, organizing events and guided tours and covering opening hours. Apart from implementing the respective project, the aim is to offer the public intensive, expert and imaginative access to contemporary art.

• It is necessary to describe the artists to be involved with word and work. However, the inclusion of former scholarship holders can only take place after the commitment of scholarship. There are therefore two possibilities: to propose former scholarship holders with a page in word and picture, or to provide a tender for the participation for the subject to be curated, which can be logistically supported by the Künstlerhaus Lukas in the event of a commitment by the jury. The selection of the former scholarship to be taken is, of course, the sole responsibility of the guest curator.

• If artists are themselves active as curators, they can not be involved in the project with their own works. (Strict separation from one's own curatorial and artistic activity)

• Guest curators receive a contract detailing the respective responsibilities of curators and of the Neues Kunsthaus.

• If necessary, once the jury agrees curators are encouraged to acquire additional funding independently and with the support of the manager of the Neues Kunsthaus.

Applicants are required to submit a substantive concept for the project they intend to curate and implement, describing the topic and specifying the artists who will participate. Please indicate which of the artists are former recipients of scholarships from the Künstlerhaus Lukas.

Further information about scholarship requirements can be found by clicking on the following links:
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